Road rage suspected in Seattle shooting that injured couple in their 70s

A couple in their 70s survived being shot at early Thursday morning during what police believe could be an incident of road rage. 

The victims were grazed by the gunman’s bullet and did not require hospitalization. Seattle Police say the shooter is still on the loose.

It happened just after 8:00 a.m. where SW Holden Street crosses 16th S Avenue South in the Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle. The intersection has seen growing congestion, say neighbors, in West Seattle.

People living and working in the area say tragic congestion has worsened since the West Seattle Bridge closure as one of the main detours passes through the intersection.

Michelle Lagrone’s Bedhead Coffee stand is relatively new by just about a year and it is nearby.

"I think I just heard a gunshot," she said.

Police say the couple in their 70s told investigators they used their horn before maneuvering around someone driving a white van. Moments later that same van pulled beside them, fired once into the couple’s passenger door grazing them.

"It was really scary," said barista Christine Crites.

The couple told police they drive away after the shooting to seek medical care. In a statement, SPD said officers were unable to locate the shooter or the white van and describe the altercation as potential road rage.

Anyone wishing to share information about what happened is asked to call 911, said SPD.