Seattle City Council incumbents at risk in elections, hinting at possible sea change

The count is not over and done with yet, but three Seattle City Council incumbents remain at risk of losing their seats.

For several days now, Tammy Morales, Dan Strauss and Andrew Lewis have been locked in tight races.

Political analysts from across Puget Sound are weighing in. Sandeep Kaushik with Sound View Strategies says the voters are making a big statement.

LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: These are the key races in Washington state

"This general election in Seattle turned into a straight-up referendum on what direction the city’s going to go on public safety," said Kaushik. "I think what we’re seeing is the voters picked a side."

Other strategists and experts FOX 13 News spoke with agree with Kaushik. They see this as a potential paradigm shift for Seattle City Council.

"Some of the loudest voices that weren’t pro-police, if you will, are no longer going to be on the council," said FOX 13 political analyst Randy Pepple. "It’s the margin of victory, I mean in those Seattle City council races, you heard that people were upset about public safety, and they voted that way."

FOX 13 political analyst Cathy Allen says the results show dissatisfaction with those that brought us here.


Live election results: These are the key races in Washington state

FOX 13 is tracking key races across Washington state in the 2023 General Election, including seven Seattle City Council seats, a Seattle housing levy, a Tacoma measure on tenant rights, Snohomish County sheriff and executive, and Spokane mayor.

"People said, ‘I’ve been paying big money, I look around and things are getting worse,’" said Allen. "‘Where are my police when I call?’"