Seattle’s the place for kid-free dog lovers

SEATTLE – Two new studies by Estately put Seattle near the top for kid-free dog lovers.

In the first study, “Best cities for childfree living,” Seattle came in second. According to Estately, research shows a 15.4% child population in the city.  It believes the low birthrate is due to the high number of affluent and educated professionals. Estately also says Seattleites are tolerant of non-traditional lifestyles, where childfree citizens aren’t hassled because they choose to not have children.

While Seattleites may not want kids, they certainly want dogs. Estately calls the Emerald City the third best city for dog owners, saying at one point the dog population outnumbered the child population. Apparently, pooches are welcomes on bus lines, ferries, light rails and some local seaplanes.