Spokane residents: We're tired of espresso stand nipples

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SPOKANE -- Hundreds of residents spoke loud and clear at Tuesday night's Spokane Valley City Council meeting, the Spokesman Review reported.

Their message?

We're tired of (nearly) bare nipples at the local coffee stand, they said.

More than 200 residents packed City Hall to voice their opinion against XXXtreme Espresso, a bikini barista stand located in the 1170 block of East Sprague Avenue. According to many residents, the stand offers "Topless Tuesdays and Thursdays," where the baristas, who wear bikinis on most days, only wear pasties to cover their nipples.

Residents told the council they were concerned the activity could take place in front of children.

Resident Dan Ross told the council if action was not taken soon, the councilmember's positions would be in jeopardy. 

"I have a few friends," Ross said, according to the Spokesman Review. "We are not afraid to take these positions away from you."

Tuesday night's meeting follows eight days of protesting in front of the coffee stand. At the behest of the protesters, the coffee business has actually been busier since the uproar began, the Spokesman Review reported.

"We've had a car full of women come through and tell us to just keep doing what we're doing," Manager Brittani Burns, 20, told the Spokesman Review.