Spooktacular Halloween light show in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood

SEATTLE -- Just in time for Halloween, a man in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood has created a spooktacular Friday the 13th light show for all to enjoy.

Vince Harris said the project used about 5,000 lights, combined with over three dozen spooky tunes that the lights dance to.

The finished product may look effortless, but Harris said it's a very technical process and certainly a labor of love.

"There's a lot of computer work, basically to make a whole configuration of your house on the computer, and then you have to build each song," Harris explained. "Then you have to find all the pieces you want for it ... then put the tracking mark in, and if a singing pumpkin is in there, you have to put every single syllable, every word, so it can take a while just to do one song. But it's worth it at the end. That's for sure."

If you'd like to see the show for yourself, you can find it in the 6200 block of 9th Avenue NW in Seattle.