SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: North Seattle homeowner, an Army veteran, surprises burglar

SEATTLE -- A north Seattle homeowner and Army veteran gave a burglar more than he bargained for Sunday.

According to video posted to YouTube, the Army veteran -- Andrew Myers, a veteran  of the 82nd Airborne division -- noticed someone had broken into his home in the middle of the night Tuesday. Rather than let it happen again, Myers decided to set up motion detectors and cameras following the initial break-in.

Early Sunday morning, the same man tried to break in again, but this time Myers was ready. Myers chases him away from the home and jumps on him as he tries to run away.

"The guy says he lives here," Myers told Q13 FOX News. "I say I live here."

The man tries to punch Myers in an attempt to get him away. A trained veteran, Myers quickly subdues him. Myers' girlfriend called police as he held the burglar down. Officers quickly came and took him away.

"When police show up you see him relax," Myers said. "The fight had left him at this point."

The burglar is expected to be charged with burglary and possibly assault in King County court.