Lucky dog: Thurston County K-9 injured in shooting gets sweet homecoming

K-9 Arlo, the Thurston County Sheriff's Office K-9 who was shot during an altercation with a suspect, has returned home to his handler to continue his recovery process.

Last week during a pursuit, the sheriff's office said a suspect "exchanged gunfire" with officers, injuring the suspect and K-9 Arlo on scene. 

Arlo was shot twice, but he has since recovered. 

When he left the veterinary hospital, he was greeted by his fellow deputies and officers who formed a line, smiling and saying 'good boy' as Arlo was helped into a waiting police car.

As Arlo continued his journey home, officers and firefighters could be seen lining bridges over I-5 to welcome him home with signs and flashing lights.

The biggest surprise of all for Arlo was a huge gathering of first responders waiting in his neighborhood to greet him. 

Arlo appears to need help walking and will be recovering from home. 

See the full video of his heartwarming return home here.

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