Video shows funnel cloud in Western Washington

KENT, Wash. -- At the same time a small tornado touched down in Portland, a funnel cloud was spotted in south King County.

Q13 News and National Weather Service meteorologists both confirmed the funnel cloud based on video and multiple reports Sunday from the Kent area.

Video taken by storm chaser Ben Jurkovich shows dark skies and the cloud formation around 3:00 p.m.

That's around the same time an EF-0 tornado touched down in the Portland area. That rating means winds ranged from 65-85 mph.

Authorities said three semi-trailers overturned and a building sustained some roof damage. No injuries were reported.

Q13 Meteorologist Katie Boer says tornadoes are very rare in the Northwest. We usually only register one or two a year -- mainly in Eastern Washington.

"It's very uncommon--but certainly not impossible," said Boer. "We usually average about one or two of them a year in Western Washington."

The National Weather Service in Seattle confirmed the last tornado to touch down in Western Washington was on March 31, 2017.