Vigil held for doctor, daughter killed in Fox Island fire

GIG HARBOR -- Friends and family came together at St. Nicholas Catholic School in Gig Harbor Friday night to mourn the loss of Thomas Babson and his 8-year old daughter, Ali. The two died in a house fire late Wednesday night.

The school principal spoke about them as if they still were alive.

“Ali always comes in with a spirit, a skip in her walk. She’s a very positive, fun child. The dad just gives of his time whenever he can” said Michele Cory.

Babson was a trauma surgeon and volunteer sheriff’s deputy who gave a lot to his community. Officers decided to pay tribute by escorting the body of his daughter as she was taken from Fox Island Thursday night. His body was finally recovered  Friday afternoon, after a search dog was brought in to help go through the debris of the home.

Babson’s wife, 12-year old daughter and 8-year old son were able to escape. Friends are now trying to help them, and make sure they know they are not alone.

“We have an amazing community here of strong families and strong faith,” said Cory. “We feel it’s important to gather and, in a positive way, to honor the family.”

The cause of the fire is still not known.

Volunteers are organizing donations of clothing, toiletries and gift cards for the family. They can be sent to the Pierce County Sheriff's Peninsula office in Gig Harbor.

There's also a memorial fund for the family at Wells Fargo. Donations to the 'Babson Memorial Fund' can be made at any branch.