WATCH: Woman has epic meltdown after being told she is too late to board a ferry

VICTORIA, British Columbia – If you’ve lived in this region for any amount of time you have probably found yourself frustrated by a ferry.

But one woman’s epic freak out after being told she had missed a ferry is something else entirely.

A video, first posted on the Spotted in Victoria Facebook page  Monday, shows the woman arriving at the counter only to be told she wasn’t in time to board.

Warning video contains explicit language

“I’m so mad, I’m so mad,” she is heard screaming.

“You have no idea what it means to people.”

The woman continues screaming as she wheels her bag in an arc away from the ticket counter and finally out the door.

CTV News in Canada spoke with the man behind the Facebook page who said the video was shot New Year’s Eve.

“Maybe she was going to a party, or visiting friends,” Pavitar Sidhu told CTV.

Sidhu said his page often gets complaints about ferry problems, but this is something he has never seen before.

“I think a lot of us can sympathize with the women for being upset in that scenario since I'm certain we've all had similar experiences, he said. “But it's 2015, and someone recorded it.”

The video quickly shot to the front page of reddit Tuesday where it had more than 11-hundred comments in a matter of hours.