WMW viewer tips lead to shopping mall arrest of missing high-violent offender

marceljonestightFUGITIVE CAPTURED September 3, 2013 -- Tukwila Police arrested High-Violent offender Marcel Jones on a Department of Corrections warrant in a sportswear and clothing store in Southcenter Mall. Washington’s Most Wanted viewers called both Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound and 911 when they spotted him. He was featured on the show on May 17th, after he violated probation and refused to get mandatory domestic violence treatment, after he was busted for ignoring a no-contact order with his ex-girlfriend -- after he took off with her car, then threatened to destroy it. He has a criminal history that includes assault, robbery and drugs.  DOC officers say he once shot himself in the hand, barely missing a neighbor when the bullet traveled through the wall. He is the 453rd fugitive caught. FUGITIVES WANTED IN KING COUNTY May 17, 2013  Marcel Jones is a missing high-violent offender wanted by the Department of Corrections in King County.  He violated probation and refused to get mandatory domestic violence treatment. Jones has a criminal history full of assault, robbery and drugs.  He was last busted for ignoring a no-contact order with his ex-girlfriend after taking off with her car. After he called her and threatened to destroy the car, he finally returned it several days later.  Police say he walked into the woman's home, and became pushy and aggressive.   She was able to leave the house and park the car at a relative’s home to hide it from him.  Jones showed up at her house the very next day and threatened her because he wasn’t able to obtain property he had left in the car. Officers said that Jones is especially dangerous because of his love for firearms.  Officers said they also arrested him after he went to an apartment to buy a gun. "He shoots himself in the hand and the bullet travels through the wall to the neighbor's apartment, barely missing the neighbor," said Officer Christina Lacy with the Department of Corrections.  "Officers found two rifles and a loaded pistol in a storage closet at the apartment.  They also discovered a trail of blood leading outside the front door.  This evidence eventually led them to arrest Jones," she added.

It's believed that Jones is running from the law with his wife Shavon McCray, also known as Shavon Jones, who has a warrant out of Nevada for escape.  Police say she has a record of identity theft, scamming and robbing people of their money to pay for upscale apartments and beautiful things for herself.

Here are the details on MARCEL JONES:

    Officers said Jones has several tattoos including: