Young moose hangs around town

A young moose has been wandering around the Entiat area for the last two weeks. Photo courtesy of Jan Cox/The Wenatchee World

ENTIAT- A young moose has been hanging around the town of Entiat, prompting wildlife officials to tell folks to leave him alone.

According to The Wenatchee World, the moose has been spotted resting on lawns and moving around town.

State Fish and Wildlife officials ask that residents keep their distance and not feed it.

"The animal just wants to be left alone," Sgt. Dan Klump told The Wenatchee World. "If humans encroach, it will make him uncomfortable, and that could make him aggressive, and that's not what we want."

Colder weather usually triggers moose to move on, in  this case up the Entiat Valley.

If he one doesn't move on, agents would have to tranquilize him and relocate him.