Commentary: It’s still early, but Russell Wilson is currently the league’s MVP

We start tonight with the league MVP. Because that’s what Russell Wilson is. And our commentary might be an opinion. But it’s one loaded with facts.

Russell Wilson now has 14 touchdown passes – 17 total touchdowns - and no interceptions this season. He’s completed about 73% of his passes. He’s now thrown 207 straight passes without an interception, which is a franchise record.

But most of all: He just wins games – and he gets his teammates to believe. That’s what happens when 30 of your 80 career wins – about 38 percent of them – have come when he’s led a game-winning drive in the 4th quarter or overtime, the most of any quarterback since 2012.

Earlier today, the Seahawks trailed in the third quarter when his in-helmet communication system reportedly went completely dark. Without any guidance from the sidelines, Wilson led a drive – presumably calling all the plays – that resulted in a six-yard touchdown pass to Jaron Brown.

You can’t take this stuff for granted. The Seahawks are 5-1, but four of those five wins are by four points or less. You don’t win those games without Russell Wilson.

You also don’t win those games with a fractured locker room. And it’s clear that this team is united because they have that belief – a belief that starts at the top but is also expressed every moment of every day by their leader...their offensive captain...their quarterback.

Russell Wilson is now just the fourth player in NFL history to start the season with a quarterback rating over 100 in six straight games. Two of the other three – Aaron Rodgers in 2011 and Tom Brady in 2007 – went on to win league MVP. Our Ian Furness asked Wilson about the MVP talk after today’s win, and here’s what he said.

“We’ve got too long to go. I’m just focused on the next game. It’s about winning. It’s about us. It’s about finding a way to do it the next game. That’s all that matters,” Wilson said.

Spoken like an MVP. Spoken like a competitor that refuses to reflect on accomplishments until the end of a season – the end of a career.

For the majority of his eight years in the league, we’ve heard the doubters deliver every excuse under the sun. But there aren’t many excuses anymore. This team functions around their offensive leader – from his optimism to his grit to his will to win. And at this point, he’s the difference maker. Take him away – replace him with anyone else – and they’re not contending for a divisional title.

Is it still early? Absolutely. But so far, Russell Wilson is the league MVP. And everyone across this country is starting to get on board.