Video captures cougar chasing pets, coming within feet of family in WA backyard

A Monroe family experienced a harrowing encounter in their backyard when a cougar chased their pets within feet of where they were standing on Saturday. 

Security footage captured the startling moment that has since gained attention on social media.

The incident took place on May 11 when the Havener family found themselves in a dangerous situation as a cougar entered their yard, pursuing their two cats. The sudden appearance of the cougar disrupted an otherwise peaceful family activity.

"While relaxing and washing cars, our two cats being chased by a cougar ran right into the middle of our patio," Gregory Havener recounted to Storyful. The family was able to act quickly in the face of danger. "My wife (holding our new puppy) and daughter ran inside, while I chased it to make sure it didn’t have any pets in its mouth. Everyone escaped unharmed!"

The alarming encounter was recorded by the family’s security system, showing the cougar momentarily halting its chase to look at Havener's wife and daughter before they were able to find safety indoors.

Wildlife encounters, particularly with predators like cougars, can be dangerous. Here are some tips for keeping safe in areas where cougars may be present:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially when outdoors at dawn or dusk when cougars are most active.
  • Keep pets indoors, or if outside, supervise them and keep them on a leash.
  • Install outdoor lighting to discourage cougar visits.
  • Make noise to reduce the chance of surprising a cougar.
  • Never feed wildlife, as it can attract predators to your property.
  • Secure your property and eliminate hiding places for animals.

In the event of a cougar sighting:

  • Do not run or turn your back. Stand tall, wave your arms, and make your voice heard in a stern manner.
  • Pick up small children immediately.
  • If necessary, throw objects, not food, to distract the cougar, but don’t directly aim at it to avoid provoking an attack.
  • Always give the animal an escape route.

The presence of cougars in populated areas is a reminder of the delicate balance between urban spaces and the habitats of wild animals. Residents are advised to take caution and report any such encounters to the local wildlife authorities.


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