WATCH: What's behind this door?

SEATTLE -- It's not a ghost (if it is, it was a silent ghost). It's the 'Call the Play' booth in the new "We Are 12" exhibit at Seattle's EMP Museum! Watch the video to hear what it's really like for opposing QB's to try and call a play with the 12s filling CenturyLink Field with as much noise as they can!

"We Are 12: The Seattle Seahawks and the Road to Victory" was inspired by the Super Bowl Victory Parade earlier in the year. What better way to honor the fans and the team that brought them a championship, than an entire exhibit of nothing but Seahawks artifacts and trivia? Come see the Lombardi Trophy; see how big your hands and feet are compared to those of Russell Wilson and Russell Okung. Can you jump as high as Richard Sherman? Probably not. I failed most miserably. But you can TRY!

The exhibit opened this week, but on Saturday October 18th you can join in the Kickoff Celebration from 11 to 4 at EMP. Meet Blitz, Boom and Sea Gals; try your hand at some trivia; and revel in being a 12! For more information, click HERE.