Between new picks and veterans, K.J. Wright says Seahawks have the best linebacking core

SEATTLE -- Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine sat down with linebacker K.J. Wright and chatted about the upcoming season and more.

This is a transcription of their interview:

Levine: How strongly did you believe you may not be in Seattle this offseason?

Wright: Honestly, I didn’t think I was coming back. Free agency came, and we all know that once we get to that point the chances of you coming back are slimmer. I didn’t think I was coming back, but we just worked out something, back and forth, and eventually, we came up with something that makes me happy.

Levine: To have a chance to play at least one more season with Bobby Wagner, how meaningful is that to you?

Wright: It’s a blessing, man. I believe me and him are going to be Seahawks for life. For the both of us to come here -  just started, just rookies – grew into a professional Pro Bowler, Super Bowler, it’s just fun so we’re going to make it happen. So, we’re going to be here. I’ll be here for 10 years and he’ll sign this deal and we’ll be here for 15 years and so it’ll be good.

Levine: Fingers crossed?

Wright: Yeah, it’ll happen.

Levine: Is this the best linebacking core in the league? Between the draft picks and bringing all the veterans back.

Wright: I believe so. We just have two guys, like myself and Bobby, who have just done it. Kendricks will step in play some sound, play some wheel. We have Mingo. Cody Barton will be on special teams.

Levine: What are your first impressions of the younger guys – Cody Barton?

Wright: These dudes are very smart. My first impression was that ‘I’m not doing much coaching because they already know a good bit of the playbook already, and so, at the end of the day coming as rookies – owning their playbook, owning their assignments – and I’d really love to see that in those guys.

Levine: How rare is that for a rookie to come in and be that smart.

Wright: It’s very rare. I haven’t seen it in my nine years. Very early, these guys know the playbook very well. Most guys get to training camp or the preseason and don’t really have it down, so it’s pretty impressive.

Levine: Put yourself in young K.J.’s shoes. Talk to him and give him some advice, what would that advice be?

Wright: I would just say just cherish every game. Cherish this moment because when your last play will be your last play. I’ve seen some of my teammates' careers end just right then and there. So, really enjoy this - every practice, every game - just enjoy this.

Levine: You’ve played with some really incredible players if you could only pick one, who should be the first to be in the ring of honor?

Wright: Outside of myself?

Levine: Yes. Well, I guess you could say yourself?

Wright: I’ll say myself.

Levine: I’m letting you off the hook.

Wright: There’s so many good ones though. I would say Kam (Chancellor).

Levine: Why?

Wright: Because Kam’s the man you know. Kam exemplifies everything a Seahawk wants to be – a great leader great person on the field, off the field. He gave his heart to this whole organization, to this whole city, to his teammates. I would go Kam.