Chargers apply to trademark 'Los Angeles Chargers'

LOS ANGELES -- The San Diego Chargers are working to secure naming right in the event the team moves to Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the team applied to trademark 'Los Angeles Chargers' and 'LA Chargers' just days after NFL owners voted to approve moving the St. Louis Rams to LA.

The Chargers have an option to join the Rams in LA which expires in January of 2017. The option can be extended one year if voters approve public financing for a new stadium in San Diego.

If the Chargers do not end up moving to LA, the Oakland Raiders will have a similar one-year option.

FOX 5 San Diego reports the Chargers entered into negotiations with the Rams on Monday to dicsuss the possiblity of sharing a stadium in Inglewood. The Rams are developing that stadium which is expected to be ready by the 2019 season.