Fishing report of the week: Smallmouth Bass at Sammamish Lake

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Angler: Fishing Fool

Method: Bottom Fishing From Boat

Time: Morning

Fished: 6/23/2021

Species: Smallmouth Bass

Water 71-75 degrees

Morning started off with cloud cover. I also in the direction of the wind instead of fighting it this time. First cast at about 9:30AM.

Didnt take long to get a fish on with the swimbait but it broke on the hookset. Then the fish jumped and I could see it was about a 2# with lure halfway in the mouth. Got a couple more bites on the swimbait but no hookup.

Switched to the dropshot and landed 1st SMB of the day @ 2.55#. Had sores on the side of it's face. I bet from a crankbait or something.

By now the sun is breaking through and I figure I'll start hammering the docks. Went really shallow on a stretch of a few and nothing. I get to some deeper docks and start catching them. 1 was probably only a pound but all the others were in the 2# class.

I just fished a long stretch of shoreline the entire time without motoring away. Typically havent fished this shoreline in a long time because it's never been productive for me but it worked out today.

Done by 1PM. Weather wise, it was perfect to me. Landed 6 SMB today and lost 4.

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