'Botox Bandit' identified, second case reported

UPDATE June 25, 2015 -- 

Seattle police say the man who was wanted for allegedly skipping out on payments for Botox at two medical facilities has made arrangements to pay his bill. In addition, detectives say he is paying an extra $200 to cover collection fees. Investigators say the businesses do not want to press charges now that they are being compensated so he is not being charged and is no longer wanted.

UPDATE May 27, 2015 --

After our story aired, police say a second company saw our story and came forward to say the suspect also skipped out on payments for the Botox treatment he received there.

The owner of that company says the man failed to pay for $520.00 worth of services.

The owner tells Q13 FOX the suspect claimed to have forgotten his wallet and left the business without paying. The owner told police that the man later called and gave a bad credit card number but never answered repeated calls to fix the error.

SPD first asked for the public's help in identifying the man from photos taken before the procedures at Well Medical Arts. Since then, he contacted them and paid his bill in cash.

Police say he was identified by anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers.

When the case detective questioned him, police say he could not clearly explain why he filled out a patient registration form without using his real name. Q13 FOX is not naming him since he has not been charged with a crime.

Detectives say they don't believe he would have paid Well Medical Arts if his photo hadn't been released. That case has been closed.

The second reported theft is still an open case until the suspect pays the company.

The case detective tells Q13 FOX that the second case might not have been reported to them had Seattle Police not released his photo.

 ORIGINAL STORY May 14, 2015 -- 

SEATTLE -- He apparently felt he needed some work done to smooth out the worry lines and wrinkles we all get as we age.

You know, a little Botox to take away those troubling 11's you get on your forehead when you squint? Maybe he didn't like how the lines were getting deeper on his face?

Whatever the reason, Seattle police say he made an appointment for a facial treatment at Wells Medical Arts on 35th Ave SW in Seattle. He even gave a credit card number over the phone and then showed up promptly for his appointment at 11:30 a.m. on May 12.

Once he got there, medical staff took some before and after photos. Squint as hard as you can, they told him, to see where he needed the most help.

He didn't just stop with the Botox though, he also asked for some Dermal Filler for his deep facial lines to really bring back his youth. He also had his eyebrows waxed. All totaled, $2047.56 worth of services.  He was a new man!

Problem is, he walked right out of the office without paying and when the staff tried to run his credit card, it was invalid.

The suspect was last seen driving away in a 4-door Suzuki SUV with unknown plates. I bet he was looking in the mirror admiring his new face which would soon appear stress free.

Detectives don't know how much the facial treatments might have changed his appearance but they're hoping someone can identify him for real and tell them where to find him.

Interesting enough, a man who looks remarkably like the suspect struck a San Francisco clinic earlier this year. Might we have a serial "Botox Bandit?" It's hard to confirm, given the surveillance footage.

Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to his arrest.

You could use the money to get a little Botox treatment of your own or take your friends out for happy hour and make a toast to the "Botox Bandit." If you know who he is, call the hotline anonymously at 1-800-222-tips or go to www.crimestoppers.com and submit the information.