As Pacific warms up, another cold blast expected to hammer Plains, Midwest and East

(CNN) -- The early winter storm that socked much of the United States with cold weather last week is expected to make an encore performance across much of the country.

As temperatures start to feel more seasonal in the Pacific Northwest, the mercury will plummet on Monday and Tuesday in the Northeast and Southeast, the CNN weather team reported Saturday. | Full forecast >>

In Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama; and Memphis, Tennessee, the highs may not even reach 40 degrees on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Many areas in the Southeast could experience highs 25-30 degrees below normal.

New York City and Washington, D.C. will see highs in the mid-30s on Tuesday, the National Weather Service predicted.

The Plains and Midwest should get ready for another big dose of cold, very much like the early winter storm that struck last week, CNN meteorologists said.

Some places in the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes could see 4-6 inches of snow, the meteorologists said. The western side of Michigan could get up to 8 inches.

While not the snow maker of this past week, the storm could drop 1-3 inches on bigger cities such as Kansas City, St. Louis and Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is expected to remain below freezing until at least late next week. Chicago will have highs in the mid-20s on Tuesday, the weather service said.

Don't worry about Miami. While the rest of the nation shivers, temps in that city will drop to 73 degrees on Wednesday.

The weather should head back to normal by next weekend for the South, Southeast and Rockies.