Enjoy a much-needed dry day on Saturday

SEATTLE -- Meteorologist Tim Joyce says Saturday will start out foggy in some spots, but there shouldn't be any showers until very late in the day. 

FRIDAY NIGHT: After the quick shot of evening rain, we'll see a few scattered showers around Puget Sound. Overnight lows will be in the 40s in most places.

 SATURDAY: Starts out foggy in some spots, but otherwise we're looking at a much needed dry day around Western Washington. Very late in the day, a few showers sneak back into the forecast. The Huskies should have a dry game as they take on Oregon State along the Montlake Cut. High temps a few degrees warmer than Friday, likely around 60.

SUNDAY: Some on /off bands of rain look to move through the region. In between we might see a sunbreak or two. Be ready for the Sounders match to be wet. High temps 55-60. The Seahawks are playing down in the desert where highs in the Phoenix area will be close to 90. Good thing they play in a climate-controlled stadium in Glendale.

NEXT WEEK: Monday looks like the wettest day next week. The low that's been lingering in the Pacific finally moves through. Tuesday looks mostly dry with a chance of showers. A few bands of rain look to keep Wednesday soggy. At this early look, Thursday and Friday could end up being quite pleasant with highs near the normal of 58 and lows getting chilly in the low 40s with clear skies at night.