Fall storms arrive for the last few days of summer

SEATTLE -- Thursday's sunny, warm afternoon might have been the last "hurrah" of summer.

Friday the 13th has passing showers with also some decent breaks in between. So maybe you'll get lucky and have a break of sun or a peek at Friday's Full Harvest Moon.

Saturday starts out mostly dry with a few passing showers. But it looks pretty wet later in the day and into Sunday, which will be both chilly and soggy.

Some of the next few fronts are the remnants of some former typhoons on the other side of the Pacific hitting the Korean peninsula and Japan several days ago. So, forecast models might not be picking up very well on how much rain they could be holding onto.

So that being said, Sunday looks to be an awesome day to watch some Seahawks here on Q13. If you're headed to the Sounders match -- "scarves up" is just as good of an idea as "poncho on" for this kind of rain potential.