49ers fans ready to buy a billboard ad near CenturyLink

SEATTLE -- The animosity between the 12th man and fans of the San Francisco 49ers may escalate to a new level soon.

A group of 49er fans have raised more than $7,000 to buy billboard advertising space near CenturyLink Field. And Hawk fans may have to face the taunting message - 'How many (Lombardi trophies) do you have?' - during the Seahawks' entire playoff run.

The inflammatory billboard is being completely funded via crowd sourcing, led by a group of die-hard Niner fans.

The group's GoFundMe.com page says the move is a direct response to Seahawk fans paying to fly a 'Go Hawks' banner over Candlestick Park during the recent Seahawks-49ers game. According to the groups GoFundMe page, 49er fans hope to find a billboard within a mile of CenturyLink Field and keep the ad there for at least one month.

The 49ers billboard movement started on a Facebook fan page and the concept designs were done by another 49ers fan in the Facebook group.