82-year-old woman uses lamp to fight off intruder

HOQUIAM -- An 82-year-old woman gave an intruder more than he bargained for Friday morning in Hoquaim when she used a lamp to help fend off his attack and chase him out of her house, the Hoquiam Police Department said.

Police received a call of a break-in around 5:45 a.m. in the 500 block of Chenault Avenue. According to police, an elderly woman was sleeping in her bed when she was awoken by an unknown male intruder going through her nightstand.

The woman yelled at the man to get out, but he hit her in the face and continued to root thorough her things. Refusing to be intimidated, the elderly woman grabbed a bedside lamp and struck the intruder in the face. The intruder then fled on foot.

Officers from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office attempted to locate the intruder but were not able to find him. The woman was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, and was later released.

Anyone with information on the intruder or the incident is asked to call Detective Sergeant Krohn at 360-532-0892.