911 callers say Seattle Police officers drunk, left scene of crash

 9-1-1 calls from the night two Seattle Police officers allegedly left the scene of a drunken crash... shed new light on what investigators say happened.  It was December of last year when the off-duty officers hit a light pole in the SODO area.  These are highlights of the calls:

Dispatcher: 911 what are you reporting?

Caller: Yeah i'm down at First and Lander there's a girl down here just kissed a telephone pole. 

Dispatcher: Oh!

Caller:  And she looks like she's drunk.  She got out of the car and she's staggering all over the place.  Yeah he's up against the telephone pole.  He's trying to force the door open.  I think he's driving.  Now they're switching drivers.

The two off duty cops were not in a city car.  They were found parked a few miles away... by other officers who recognized them as cops.  The woman blew a .24 on her breathalyzer - triple the legal limit.  Officers say she was combative.  The man was double the limit.