An umbrella that creates an 'air shield' and 4 more otherworldly rain stoppers (PHOTOS)

SEATTLE -- Its been said that real Seattleites don't carry umbrellas. However if walking through this morning's misty rain storm destroyed your perfectly crafted quiff, blinded you with wetness, and induced a solid case of the "Mondays" you might be willing to change your tune.

If so, here are some super cool, extra swank, very impressive umbrella options.

Lightsaber Umbrella
This is the umbrella you were looking for. And don't worry, the carrying sheath and shoulder strap are included…
The force: 1
The rain: 0

Air Umbrella
Pledge at least $118
Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
If you were on the interwebs in the last two weeks you have undoubtedly seen this new gadget floating around. Its called the Air Umbrella and it works by forcing air through the tube-like handle displacing the rain around you in a umbrella type form. Could this be the next Segway (completely unnecessary gadget that everyone secretly wants)? Only time will tell.

The Completely Reflective Safety Umbrella
If you decide to take a page out of Gene Kelly's book you may want this umbrella so those of us drivers don't accidentally run you over while you're dancing in the the street. Also, maybe don't dance in the street.

The Wind Defying Packable Umbrella
$29.95 - $39.95
I love the embarrassing moment when the wind gets the better of your umbrella as much as the next person, but if you're looking for a bumbershoot that can stand up to the bluster check out The Wind Defying Packable Umbrella.

Unbreakable Walking Stick Self Defense Umbrella
The "baton of dryness" provides portable, street legal, unbreakable self-defense. Because once you start umbrella-ing "real" Seattleites are sure to revolt.