Boeing employees brace after report of possible 787 production move

The Wall Street Journal report that suggests the production of the Dreamliner will likely leave Everett is just another blow for Boeing workers.

The rank and file employees in Everett’s production facility have dealt with upheaval and change throughout 2020. One employee with years of experience under his belt told Q13 News the latest fold has left him mentally drained.

The company’s issues are numerous including troubles with the 737 MAX, coronavirus worries and the Dreamliner drama is taking a toll on employees. That’s not to mention the thousands who have already been laid off either voluntarily or otherwise.

What’s at stake are high paying local jobs, and some claiming a loss in quality craftsmanship.

Some on the factory floor are still holding on to hope that Boeing will decide instead to build the 787 aircraft in Everett.

One employee spoke with Q13 News in a recorded interview but asked their identity be concealed as they did not want to jeopardize their job for speaking out. 

“There’s still a glimmer of hope we can keep it here,” they said. “We’ve got the best mechanics building the airplane here.”

Quality control issues surrounding Boeing’s South Carolina production facility was also a key concern.

“You’re jeopardizing quality, you’re jeopardizing the safety of the aircraft,” said the employee. “Is that really what customers want? I’m going to say no.”

The Washington State Labor Council insists our state employs the most efficient aerospace workforce in the world and will continue to argue Washington remains the best choice to build the Dreamliner.

An employee union representing Boeing’s engineers, SPEEA, said it was obviously concerned about the possibility that Everett could lose the Dreamliner.

A spokesperson told Q13 News the union has reached out to company officials for clarification but they await a response.