Club Seattle Runners Division celebrates 7-year anniversary

One of the largest running groups in western Washington celebrated its seventh anniversary Sunday.

In true fashion, the group commemorated it with a 5K run around the Fremont in Seattle.

Three Seattle athletes created Club Seattle Runners Division, also called CSRD, in 2017. Miran McCash, Ashley Davies and David Jaewon Oh all had the intention of gathering a small group regularly to run and jog together. As the years went on, the group grew from a few dozen to a couple hundred runners getting together each week. As of Sunday, the group has more than 400 people actively participating.

The club's founders told FOX 13, its growth is a testament to the people within it. As a community group, it's never charged a membership fee to allow people of all backgrounds to join in.

"Whether they just moved to Seattle or they haven't found a community for them to be a part of - our group is really inclusive," said Miran McCash, CSRD co-founder. "Anyone can come, everyone will feel welcome."

"We're not a running club first. We are a community first, before we are a running club," said Ashley Davies, CSRD co-founder. "Other people from the outside see people they know who maybe they didn't think were runners or people they know who care about things that they care about. That makes the group continue to be accessible and open."

The club was created to welcome all faces and paces, allowing a community of all levels of fitness and ages. If you're interested in joining the group for a few miles, they get together twice a week at Lake Union. You can find more information on the club's website HERE.