Coast Guard investigating after man's laser allegedly hits ferry captain, first mate

CLINTON, Wash. -- The Coast Guard is investigating after a man allegedly pointed a homemade laserpointer at a passing ferry, injuring the ferry captain and first-mate.

Around 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 22, a Washington State Ferry captain and the first-mate reported sailing the ferry boat Tokitae from Mukilteo to Clinton when they were both hit in the eye with a blue laser. According to Washington State Ferry officials, both the captain and the first mate were in the boat's wheelhouse, and noticed the laser appeared to be originating from the ferry boat Kitsap, which was passing at the time.

The captain docked the ship safely, but both the captain and first-mate required medical attention. Officials told Q13 FOX News that one may have suffered an eye injury.

After the captain reported the incident, Washington State Patrol Troopers contacted a man aboard the Kitsap who was holding a blue, homemade laser pointer. The man allegedly told troopers he was only practicing with his "new toy" and was pointing it at the water.

However, troopers said the man's statements were inconsistent. Troopers confiscated and later impounded the man's laser pointer.

The United States Coast Guard is investigating the incident, and may file federal charges against the man.