Community looks for answers after fatal shooting at 'CHOP' Seattle protest zone

After a fatal shooting near the occupied zone in Capitol Hill, some are looking for answers from city leaders.

At the intersection of 10th Avenue and Pine Street sits a memorial for a 19-year-old man. Family members said Lorenzo Anderson died on the street corner.

Police reported two people were shot around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Hospital officials said the second male victim victim is in critical condition.

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When attempting to respond, people inside the occupied zone in Capitol Hill known now as the "CHOP" would not let police gain access to the scene. Because of this, emergency officials were not able to respond either, officials said.

Off camera, Q13 spoke to some people living along Pine Street in the area inside the "CHOP."

There are growing questions and, in some cases, concerns for these residents.

One person said they support the movement, but don’t understand where aspects of the occupation is going anymore.

In a few hours, Q13 witnessed several violent outbursts from people, and the only response was the on-site "security" inside the CHOP protest zone.

"We as a community need to come together to find a solution here because it’s not getting done. How many more people need to get killed," said Mike Solan.

Solan is a member of the Seattle Police Department, and the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild.

He said without officers being able to respond to the scene, there can be no investigation.

"Where’s the justice for the homicide victim," he said. "Where’s the justice for their family; Where’s the justice for the Seattle community?"

The police chief, fire chief, and mayor of Seattle did not make themselves available for interviews on Saturday following the shooting.

The mayor’s office did released this statement:

"The Mayor has been in close contact with Chief Scoggins, Chief Best and SPD regarding incidents on Capitol Hill and West Seattle. The primary duty of SFD and SPD is to ensure public safety in all parts of the City."