Deadbeat moms and dads featured on state website

SEATTLE -- Catching deadbeat parents is a game of cat and mouse and authorities have come up with all kinds of creative ways to hunt them down.  Some states posted their faces on pizza boxes; others try to follow their whereabouts on Facebook.

Here in Washington, there is a “Most Wanted” website run through the Department of Social and Health Services that features the worst of the worst.  Some parents owe up to a quarter-million dollars in back child support.

Mark Daniels' ex-wife owes $15,000.  Her photo sits among nearly 100 others that show the amount they owe, the age of their child, and where they last lived and worked.

“I do think having the picture may be helpful.  Some of them try to change identities and work under the table.  If someone can see the picture and locate that person, then I think it is very helpful in that way,” said family law attorney Bruce Clement.

Clement has handled numerous divorce and custody cases and has seen the damage done to the parent and child left behind.

“The message to the kids is horrible. When you think about it, not only is the parent absent for visitations but no financial support means they’ve been written off.  It’s a tragedy,” said Clement.

In Mark Daniels' case, his ex was located and she has paid a portion of what she owes.  It’s a responsibility he encourages all deadbeat moms and dads to own up to.

“They need to get their act together.  The ones that show no interest and pay nothing really need a reality check.  They need to step up now and do the right thing for your child,” said Daniels.

To qualify for the website, a parent has to be at least six months behind on payments and owe at least $5,000.