EXCLUSIVE: Before Super Bowl kick return, Harvin knew he was going to do something 'dangerous'


SEATTLE – Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin says he just knew that if the Denver Broncos gave him any kind of opportunity that he was going to make something incredible happen.

That thing turned out to be his awe-inspiring kick return for the second half of the Super Bowl.

Harvin said that in the locker room at halftime, "I told all the offensive players, don't even be worried about getting off the bench. And they all kind of looked at me...

“I knew, if they (the Broncos) even gave me a chance, I was going to do something dangerous,” said Harvin in Part 2 of an exclusive interview with Q13FOX News that aired Tuesday night.  “Once it happened and I scored I just looked up and just was like, wow, it actually came true.”

Here is the full Part 2 interview:

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The first part of Q13FOX News Sports Director Aaron Levine’s interview with Percy Harvin aired Monday night and can be seen online >> HERE <<