Families welcome in change in weather

Take cover! Western Washington will continue to see storms in its forecast. 

On Wednesday, the wind and the rain didn’t stop families from coming outside after long hours of remote learning and working from home. 

“It’s tough just being in the house all day,” said Kaia McCormick, a sixth grader in Edmonds. “I like to dance around in the rain on my patio and splash around in puddles.”

She was out at Hickman Park with her mom, Shannon Pitt, her dad Nick McCormick and their dog. 

“This is all I know. This weather. I can’t handle it too hot and I can’t handle it too cold,” said Pitt. “I loved playing in it and running in it. Yeah I need my rain. A lot of people who come here can’t handle it but I need the rain.”

“It’s been interesting working out in it all day,” said Nick who works in sales. “I think we’re all cooped up right now, and to keep your sanity and keep healthy and get some positive train of thought stepping out of the house can do that.”