Feds warn about possibly tainted pills in Bellingham

SEATTLE (AP) — Federal prosecutors are warning people in the Bellingham area that street pills could be tainted, after a woman who took them died.

Seattle U.S. Attorney Brian Moran's office said in a news release Tuesday that an investigation began Monday after a woman was found unresponsive at a home on the Lummi Indian reservation and she could not be revived with the overdose-reversal drug naloxone.

The pills appear to be oxycodone but are undergoing lab testing to determine whether they are tainted with fentanyl or other substances. Authorities said they arrested a man who sold some of the pills, and who also had cocaine and heroin in his apartment.

Prosecutors said they believe the pills were sold on the Lummi reservation and to people who are connected to nightclubs in Bellingham.

Moran said it is "critically important" that word get out about the pills.