'Flappy Bird' is dead, but 'Flappy Q' lives and you can play it right now

SEATTLE – The wildly popular Flappy Bird smartphone game is officially gone.  But tech experts warn that hasn’t stopped malware makers from copying the look and enticing you to download their imposter app.

Tech website Sophos has uncovered numerous “off-market” apps that look, feel and play just like the original Flappy Bird, yet behind the scenes those apps are really malicious pieces of software that will infect your iPhone or Android device.

But flappy addicts (and it is incredibly addicting) take heart.  We at Q13 Fox News have developed a version of the game and we promise it is completely safe.

We call our game ‘Flappy Q’ and we’re pretty sure you’ll find it just as fun and just frustrating as the original.

>>>click here to play Flappy Q now<<<

Have fun and tell us below in the comments what your high score is!