For second time in week, a man is gunned down near Seattle's Rainier Playfield

SEATTLE -- A man in his early 20s was gunned down Friday night near the same spot in south Seattle where another victim was shot to death last Sunday, police said.

The latest shooting took place near the Rainier Playfield at 37th  Avenue South and South Oregon Street.

Police said the victim Friday night was standing with a group of people in front of a homemade memorial placed there for the man shot to death there last Sunday.

"According to witnesses, a dark colored sedan, and possibly a second car, drove by the group. A person inside one of those cars fired several shots at the group, striking the victim several times. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center but he died from his injuries," police said.


A police spokesman said they had only a "limited description on the vehicle."

The spokesman declined to call it a gang-related shooting, but did not rule it out either.

Last Sunday, Angie Smith's son Shamar was one of two men shot at the Rainier Playfield. The other man survived. Shamar, 32, did not.

“This is not a movie. This is reality and this is what happens,” Angie Smith said to Q13 News earlier this week.

Her reality is shaken now, piercing her semi-retirement in Arizona. On Wednesday, she was able to eke out a smile and a joke of the tough love leaving her son behind.

“I remember he said, ‘Mom, you’re really gonna leave me here?’ And I’m like, you’re a grown man. I’m like, you’re going to be OK. You’ve got family. You’ve got friends,” Angie recalls.

She said her son had outgrown gang-related stuff and she thinks that may have been why he was hit Sunday night.

“He wasn’t a target, but as a retaliation against other people,” Angie said.

Police earlier this week has expressed concern there might be retaliation for Sunday's shooting.

Anyone with information on Friday night's fatal shooting is urged to call Seattle police at (206) 684-5550.