Frenzy turns chaotic as Black Friday shopping begins earlier

BELLEVUE -- This year, many retailers opened ahead of Black Friday.

According to the the National Retail Federation, about 33 million Americans across the country were expected to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

From Old Navy to Walmart, it was hurry up and wait.

Thousands rushed to the Best Buy in Bellevue, some even camping out Wednesday night.

“That is just insane,” shopper Shawna Nall said.

Once the doors opened, shoppers were ready for the rat race.

People in the back of the line went in with a strategy, hoping door-busters were still up for grabs.

“They were running everywhere and then you to stand in line to purchase things,” Nall said.

The frenzy soon turned into a chaotic scene at the Walmart in Covington. A big crowd started fighting over Xbox video games. Despite that incident, most shoppers behaved.

“I was sure I wasn’t going to get it, but I got it,” shopper Michael Shanafelt said.

Shanafelt saved hundreds on a 50-inch flat-screen TV. He said the wait was worth it.

Most retailers opened earlier this year, with Kmart cashing in as early as 6 a.m. -- well before the turkey was out of the oven.

“My sister works at JCPenney and she had to be at work at 7 o'clock so it kind of cuts into our family time,” said Nall.

“It is very surprising, I was thinking more people would be spending time with their families,” shopper Inna Brayman said.

The frenzy will continue until 10 p.m. Friday.