Giant baby shower held for military wives

SILVERDALE -- Many moms to be in the military often don’t get a proper baby shower.

On Saturday a special event in Silverdale aimed to make up for that.

Most military wives dread the inevitable, deployment.

“Our husbands go on deployment months at a time and we don’t always know when they will return home,” said military wife Jennifer Bethany.

And when you're a mom to be with a husband on deployment, it can be lonely.

“The long days with no foot rubs, no backrubs just the whole process by yourself,” said Cheyenne Adegbenro.

Adegbenro gave birth to her son alone, now 2 months old.

Her husband at the time was on the U.S.S Stennis.

“They already give so much already being a spouse for a service member and to be a mom after that we want them to know how thankful we are and how much we appreciate them,” said Pacific Northwest Executive Director Kari Mcclean.

Pacific Northwest did that by throwing a giant baby shower. More than 260 military wives all went home with toys and toiletries all donated by local businesses.

“That’s a month of diapers, month of wipes we don’t have to worry about so we appreciate any help we can get,”said Bethany.

“I think it is very nice to give us something extra,” said Kylie Brown.

With family and friends far away many of these new moms and moms to be did not have a proper baby shower. So Saturday’s event was extra special packed with games, food and new friends.

“Meeting new friends and being in the same situation is pretty neat,” said Bethany.

“To meet new moms to get some play dates in to have some fun,” said Adegbenro.

The Operation Homefront Star Spangled baby shower also held a raffle giving out big items like cribs and strollers.