GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Police investigating skinned animal heads left in yard

SEATTLE -- Police are investigating a dozen skinned animal heads found in a yard across from the troll statue in Fremont.

Officers were called to reports of loose, skinned animal heads found in a yard at 2:30 a.m. Friday morning near the intersection of Troll Avenue and North 36th Street. Ten animal skulls were found scattered in the yard, and two were placed on a private residents' porch.

The animal skulls appeared "freshly skinned and still bloody," Seattle police said.

Officers said the owners of the home had no idea what the skulls were doing in the yard, but that the owner had "run off" some neighborhood kids the night before.

Users posting to Reddit speculated the skulls may have been used as some sort of voodoo curse, or even as an offering to the iconic Fremont troll. Reddit users also suggested the heads were sheep heads that could easily be found at area butcher shops.

Police are investigating the incident.