'I'm strong': Woman robbed at gunpoint after father, son are carjacked by same men in Bellevue

Police are searching for those responsible for a carjacking and armed robbery in Bellevue Thursday evening. Both incidents happened less than an hour apart from each other.

One bold and brazen attack after another. Officer Seth Tyler, a spokesperson for the department, says at around 6:30 p.m., they responded to a carjacking call at a bank near the Factoria Mall. Tyler says a father and his son stopped at the Bank of America and the father left his 10-year-old in the car. 

"When he got back to his vehicle there were two suspects that threatened him – he believed with a gun to his back, and then shoved him down to the ground and got into the car," Tyler said. 

The thieves, however, did not know the boy was in the backseat. When they realized he was there, "they threw his son out of the back of the car and drove off," Tyler said.

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The alleged thieves didn’t get very far before they ditched the car and took off in a stolen KIA. About 45 minutes later, police say they showed up at the AMPM gas station less than a mile away. 

Off-camera, FOX 13 spoke with a 50-year-old clerk who said she’s hurting and dealing with the aftermath of being held at gunpoint by two men she believes were in their late teens or early 20s. The woman said they rushed in after a customer, who called 911.

She says the ‘boy’ cornered her behind the counter at gunpoint, demanding cash. She says they threatened to kill her when she refused to open the safe for them. She didn't budge but said they got away with cash and vapes.

"Bellevue is a pretty safe city. This sort of thing doesn’t happen, so when it does happen we take it very seriously," Tyler said "We immediately put a detective on the case, and they’re working hard to identify these suspects."

The clerk says this was a first for her in the year she worked at the convenience store. The store, however, has been robbed at least three other times. 

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Police are still trying to track down those responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to call Bellevue Police.

This is a developing story.