Large rally supporting Seattle Police ahead of City Council budget vote

Seattle City Hall became the centerpiece of a rally in support of the Seattle Police Department and the Seattle Police Officers Guild on Sunday.

Supporters showed up in police blues and held signs that said “Defend SPD,” instead of defund.

This rally comes ahead of the Seattle City Council’s vote August 10 on the SPD budget.

“Totally opposed to defunding the police. It would be a completely reckless thing to do. We need law and order, that’s how a society works. You have to have law and order,” said supporter Heather Mullen.

“Support them 100 percent, all the way, all the time,” said Barbara. “Whatever few bad apples are there, I know that they are just as upset about it as any of us.”

Counter-protesters who support Black Lives Matter and defunding the police department by 50 percent or more were also there.

Police officers assigned to cover the rally were wearing helmets and holding batons.

The City Council meeting begins at 10 a.m. and will cover several amendments related to the SPD Budget and the way the department reports its finances.

Additional discussion will include funds for Community Service Officers and moving 911 services from SPD into the Department of Finance, among other budget items.

The city leaders will also discuss investing $3 million into the Legislative Department to enter into contracts with community-based organizations to research ways to promote public safety.

Meanwhile, SPOG has collected 150,000 signatures to stop the defunding of SPD.

“To persecute police nationwide over the mistake of one person and to push a complete leftist agenda is going too far,” said Peter Esquinasi.

“I don’t think we can have a civil society without them. I love them. I wanted my daughter to see firsthand the support that we have here and I just want to support them with all my heart,” said Deedee Beddow.

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