Man says he found frozen baby in box that late mother always kept in freezer

ST. LOUIS — A man is searching for answers after finding the frozen body of a baby in his deceased mother’s freezer, according to KSDK.

Adam Smith said he recently moved into his mother’s apartment to help her after she was diagnosed with cancer.

She died last week and Smith started going through her things.

While going through the freezer he saw a box, the same box he said she kept in the freezer for as far back as he can remember.

“I’m 37 and it has been in my freezer for 37 years and I was always told it was a wedding cake top,” Smith told KSDK.

He was expecting to find the wedding cake top or maybe some money in the box. Instead, he found the frozen remains of a baby.

Smith said he’d asked his mom what was in the box before and said it was always either “a no-no conversation or blew me off.”

Smith said he remembered his mom talking about a sibling that passed away before he was born. He said he suspects the remains are that of his sister from 46 or 47 years ago.

Police are investigating.