Mark your calendar: National Dog Mom's Day is May 9

National Hot Dog Day, National Chocolate Cake Day, National Brownie Day: There’s a national day for almost every occasion now.

But an important one for dog owners – particularly women – is coming up this month: National Dog Mom’s Day.

The dog-centric holiday will be running through its third year as an officially recognized national day. It’s held the second Saturday in May, just before Mother’s Day.

National Dog Mom’s Day became official in 2018, when a dog-friendly dating app called Dig created a petition and submitted the idea to the National Day Calendar. It was one of only 30 days approved out of 20,000 submissions.

Dig creators and siblings Casey and Leigh Isaacson said they petitioned for the holiday because their app received an overwhelming response from female pet owners who were passionate about the dog community.

“The dog community is really, really special,” Leigh Isaacson said. “We realized that people really want to do more things with their dog… it’s about experiences.”