Neighbor snaps photos of package thieves, police narrowing down leads

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- It’s the season for holiday shopping, and unfortunately package thieves know that too.

But it’s what one Kitsap County woman did that could send a group of package thieves to jail for Christmas.

Thanks to her quick thinking cops are now hot on crooks’ trail.

“I booked it up to the sidewalk and at that point by the time I reached the sidewalk my neighbor came out,” said Stephanie Orr after she spotted the suspect snatch her neighbor’s freshly delivered package.

Instead of yelling and screaming Orr said she calmly grabbed her phone and snapped crystal clear images of the suspect’s car as they tried to flee.

“The car actually drove back towards us so I pulled out my camera, my phone,” Orr said.

“Luckily they’re not the brightest folk that we have around here.”

She then posted the pictures to her community’s Facebook page. Some neighbors commented that they also saw the car creeping past their houses.

“I think it’s pretty awesome she was able to catch them for one,” said neighbor Brian Henley. “And then also get a picture of the vehicle and license plate, it was really clear.”

Orr also sent the pictures to Port Orchard Police. The department’s Chief said they’re following up on very strong leads and arrests could come soon, all thanks to Stephanie’s photos.