Harbor patrol officers rescue man from drowning in Portage Bay

Harbor patrol officers with the Seattle Police Department helped rescue a man from drowning in Portage Bay last week.

At about 7:45 p.m. Friday, officers responded to multiple reports of a man who was in "behavioral crisis" while swimming off the shore of Fritz Hedges Waterway Park. 

When harbor patrol officers arrived, they found the man at the waterline. 

After officers tried to communicate with the man, but he was still struggling in the water. 

Officers steered the boat towards the man and threw him a flotation device. 

The man sank beneath the surface after he couldn't grab the device. 

Police said an officer dove into the water and pulled the victim to the shore.

Officers started CPR on the man because he wasn't breathing and later regained conscious ess.

The man was stable and was taken to the hospital.