Owners of 2 dogs who mauled Pierce County woman charged with felony

PIERCE COUNTY -- Pierce County prosecutors have charged two people with a felony after two dogs mauled a woman earlier this year.

Prosecutors say Johnny and Devin Cannady's pit bulls were caught on camera mauling Donna Berto outside of a smoke shop on Puyallup Tribal land.

She suffered severe injuries in the attack in July.

Days later, the dogs were picked up from a home just a block away from the smoke shop.

“If they're noted for doing this, I would probably say this a dog that should be put away. Because if it did it to me, it could do it to someone else,” Berto told Q13 FOX News after the attack.

Despite the fact that Johnny Cannady claimed the dogs involved in the attack were not his, he and Devin were charged anyway.

The dogs have been quarantined since the attack and could be euthanized.

Their owners could face up to a year in jail.