Parmesan gelato?!? 25 crazy cold flavors for National Ice Cream Month

Photo courtesy of Glenn Koenig/Los Angeles Times

Choose: Vanilla or... buckwheat ice cream? Candied carrot ice cream? Or Parmesan gelato?

We'll leave it to the experts to decide what your choice says about you, or your childhood.

But in honor of National Ice Cream Month -- which is July, don't you know -- we decided to go beyond vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

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We searched the Los Angeles Times' Test Kitchen archives for the most outlandish flavors we could find. We didn't stop at ice cream, either. As you can see by our photo gallery, we included homemade ice pops, gelatos, granitas and more.

How outlandish? In addition to buckwheat ice cream, candied carrot ice cream and Parmesan gelato, we've also got: Port-infused chocolate zabaglione, seen above, as well as blueberry and lavender ice pops, chile cucumber pops, beer -- yes beer -- ice cream, rose water granita, prune-Armagnac ice cream ... the list goes on and on.

Did you take part in that traditional Fourth of July pasttime and make homemade ice cream?