Pierce County man who reported fiancee missing is found guilty of her murder

TACOMA -- A jury found a Lakebay man guilty of killing his fiancee last summer.

Deliberations lasted less than a day. William Grisso, 42, was convicted of 1st degree murder, and will be sentenced on Nov. 2.

Grisso killed his girlfriend and then reported her missing to police on June 30, 2014.

"Not many cases in real life are solved CSI style, but this one was," said Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Authorities began the investigation after Grisso reported his fiancee, 45-year-old Nancy Gardner, missing. He told them he left home to run errands, but when he returned the house was unlocked and she was gone.

Officers said they noticed blood stains on Grisso’s shoes while they were interviewing him.

Neighbors told investigators they heard the couple arguing on the day Gardner went missing.

Detectives used cell phone evidence to lead them to Gardner's body in in a secluded area near Belfair with gunshot wounds.

“Murder is never a good plan,” Lindquist said, “and this was an exceptionally sloppy plan. The defendant left a clear trail of evidence.”

Prosecutors had argued that Grisso killed his fiancee to be with another woman and had reported her missing to portray himself as a victim.

But Grisso's attorney said there was no direct evidence tying Grisso to the scene where Gardner's body was found.