Police: Man found dead in Everett park after reports of shooting

Police responding to a reported shooting Monday afternoon found a 50-year-old man dead in Everett's Langus Riverfront Park.

According to Everett police, officers were called around 3:00 p.m. to reports of a shooting at the park. When officers arrived, they found a man dead.

Investigators said an SUV was seen fleeing the scene.

A boat was seen floating on the river and pulled to shore by Everett Police. It's unclear if the unoccupied boat may have been owned by the man who was shot. 

"The last couple weeks it's been kind of suspicious with people parking their cars and then getting picked up and driven out to the boat," said Jeff Ramsey, a regular visitor of the park.

A coach at the Everett Rowing Association said the boat named "Rebel" was moored on the Snohomish River for about a month.

"We had some conversations with them and asked them occasionally to move so we could conduct our business out there on the water," said Brian Wagner.

The boat was impounded Monday night, according to Everett Police.

"This is a very nice park a little bit outside of town so more locals use this, small boats those kinds of things. Fishermen come and go from here. So we're going to do our best to piece together what happened, find any possible suspects and follow through with this case," said Officer Aaron Snell, Everett Police Department.

No further details have been released. Major Crimes Detectives are investigating.

This is a developing story.