Rain in the lowlands, snow in the mountains this weekend

SEATTLE -- Rain will continue into the weekend but there will be a break Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

If you’re heading to the Huskies game, Sounders game, or The Who concert on Saturday, grab the rain gear.  Hang onto that gear if you’re going to the Seahawks game on Sunday.

Here’s a look at our futurecast predictions for Saturday and Sunday kickoffs:

Sunday Seahawks kickoff

We’re expecting snow in the mountains as you can see across the Cascades highlighted in the blue/lavender colors on our maps above.  So, if you’re heading over the mountains this weekend, be careful!

Quick Links:

    Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the South Cascades from noon-6pm Saturday.   Be careful on the

    roads and pack an extra flashlight, food, and water. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the North Cascades on Saturday. Take it slow as roads will be slippery. Highs over the weekend will be in the mid-50s and lows in the mid to upper 40s.

    A warm front will lift Monday bringing our high temperatures near the norm in the upper 50s.  Expect showers on Monday and Tuesday.

    We’ll start to dry out by Wednesday and even see sunshine on Thursday!